The Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company <TAKREER> was established in 1999, as a public. This company is becoming a leader in oil and gas refining field, Takreer is now running on increasing its sports within the downstream region. it is also exerting all feasible efforts to stand the challenges of the twenty-first century in a unexpectedly-changing market.

Except assembly developing a call for stronger products and services, the organization is gambling a fine role in advancing the local economic system and boosting the countrywide income. The organizational€™s objectives for the brand new millennium consist of the task of enjoyable national aspirations for nice guarantee and environmental safety. it is also eager on enforcing countrywide regulations aimed at imparting employment opportunities for the country wide personnel.TAKREER OIL COMPANY JOBS

Meanwhile, Takreer conducts high popular and green refining operations regular with sound health, protection, and environmental practices. It’s sports are based on total quality management principles, in a customer and employee orientated environment. Its purpose is to offer dependable, great merchandise that fulfills the requirements and desires of its customers and companions.

Please be suggested that the handiest legitimate domains for Abu Dhabi Oil Refining organization (TAKREER) are www.takreer.com and www.takreer.ae and that everyone to be had vacancies are published on TAKREER careers website.

There are numerous existing fraudulent domain names to lure job seekers into bogus process offers. you would possibly get hold of an e-mail or phone name offering you a job; it’d include a request for payment or a processing price, please be aware that TAKREER neither ask prospective employees to pay a price nor authorize recruiters or agents to acquire charge on its behalf.

if you are doubtful about any electronic mail, Smartphone call, and so on … , please do not respond by using revealing personal information or moving any price range as TAKREER shall not be given any responsibility in the direction of the representation made in any fraudulent communication or its outcomes.

Kindly report such scam gives to [email protected]

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